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Our Mission Statement:

This organization was started based solely on the idea of "giving something back".  The originating members have all come into an agreement that the custom gun industry has been good to each and every individual involved in this endeavor.  Decades past the "gentlemen" of a community were the individuals tasked with the responsibility of owning fine firearms.  These arms were designed to protect the life of his family, his property, and his liberty.

Through time, industry and technology has almost replaced hand craftsmanship.   It used to be that the unnamed artisans of  the major factories would turn out extremely competent work one could count on for generations to come.  Now, the art of  spending time over a bench with hand tools, time, and the smith's imagination have been replaced by the bottom line.   Louder Than Words is an organization that pays tribute to those smiths, designers, and artisans that came before us that have for lifetimes created fine firearms passed through generations of gun owners and families. Louder Than Words is also predicated on furthering the art and craftsmanship of today's finest smiths, designers, and fabricators.

In turn, the builders represented here have agreed to work within an organization which is designed to provide a positive impact to individuals less fortunate through the custom firearms industry.   Again, furthering the idea of serious, responsible gentleman owning, building, and supporting communities through their efforts.

Each pistol or riffle built by the "founding fathers"  or those yet to be involved, will be raffled.  The proceeds of these firearm raffles will provide various organizations the financial support to continue to touch individual lives.   This is a responsibility that every individual at Louder Than Words takes very the owning and procuring of fine firearms through decades past and present.

To Date, The Following Is Our List of Accomplishments:

2006 $20K to Ted Nugent's Kamp for Kids
2007 $20K to Ted Nugent's Kamp for Kids
2008 $28K to Cops for Kids/ POSA, for pediatric cancer research
2008 $36K to, helping servicemen with needs not met by the system, or in short supply
2009 $28K to
2010 $40K to the Naval Special Warfare Foundation-- helping wounded SEALS and the families of those killed in the GWOT
2011 $22K to Navy SEALS Foundation
2012 $50K to Navy SEALS Foundation
2013 $41K to Kara's Hope

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